Morland Road

Kitchen with window over sink and blue tiles.

As with so many homes in London, there was a need to maximise space and offer stylish and durable finishes for this compact kitchen.

The cabinets were designed in bespoke sizes with attention to the insides of each cupboard and drawer, with fittings for all the crockery and utensils.

The worktop and shelves are European oak finished in tung oil. Although this requires nine coats the result is stunning and incredibly hard-wearing. The cabinets and doors are birch plywood finished with a very pale grey Formica.

The careful consideration of inside fittings, along with the contrast of light and dark surfaces and open and closed cabinets and shelves, ultimately created an impressive amount of storage and sense of space.

Materials & Finishes
#oak #tung oil #plywood
Private, Walthamstow
detail of kitchen cabinets with door partly open.
close-up of kitchen cutlery drawer with dividers.
Simple white laminate kitchen cupboards with deep blue ceramic tiles.
Small open shelves made from oak.