Materials & Finishes

Birch plywood - One of our favourite materials. Made of layers of hardwood it’s very strong, durable, uniform and looks great too.

Laminate - About 1mm thick and comes as a sheet in a wide range of colours. Often we press it on to birch ply

Linoleum - About 2mm thick and comes in a roll so can have pretty much unlimited length. Made from linseed oil, pigment and saw dust. Warm and soft to the touch, even smells nice. Good for desk tops

Cork - Comes in lots of formats, warm, tactile and relatively good value

Metals - Brass, steel, copper. Some can be patinated to achieve different effects

MDF - very flat and very stable, takes a nice finish so good for things like wardrobe doors. Not very strong and doesn’t like water though. All of ours is class … which means low formaldehyde

Veneers - Wide range of woods and effects available that could not get in solid timber

Concrete -

Glass -